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Wizard's Vault not Resetting at Reset


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It is not a bug, has always been like this with other things as well, whenever I  login before reset, and play on a map through the reset time, meaning I didn't move map and kept on playing, I would not get my Black Lion's Delivery until I have move to another map or swap to another toon. 

I don't think the game can do this at this time since WvW map is in a different "instance",  they probably have to kick everyone out of the instance and force you to reenter map if they want to reset the daily/vault/black lion's delivery. 

I do think that they need to somehow address this as it is a real problem, and reset the Wizard Vault even when WvW players doesn't swap map/toon, because because players can't just move map for daily reset when they are engage in fights. When those fights are over, usually would means the Wizard's Vault task are done as well, so if it isn't reset, it is a big problem.

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