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Underwater bomb kit is hilarious


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With quickness you can leave a thick ring of bombs by swimming around your target, like 10 bombs making a snake of cracked dps, it's probably 2x as fast as on land. I have known for a while, but the time to post didn't feel right. Then christopher nolan came to me in a dream. 

So I memed it with the oppenheimer trailer:


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Probably because very few people use it comparatively to Grenade Kit, so people didn't point it out enough, plus it's an underwater thing so even less likely to be touched. 

If this thread gets bumped enough it could probably get the attention of a dev and eventually get it nerfed as well, so whoever wants it to stay as it is, don't comment. 

Ah kitten, I just realized, I commented... 

The clip is good though. 


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