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And again ... 10AP for daily (shown, but not counting)

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Hi there again 😞

After completing the daily the message on the right border shows a reward of 10 AP.
But after reaching the 15k-limit they are not counting.

So, please, don't show the message or give us the 10AP. The bug has existed since the 15k-upper-limit was introduced.

@Anet: fix it! 

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It would be nice - to remove this AP icon in at the achievement once you reached the cap. Then again: There are other achievements that work in a weird way regarding the display of this icon. Namely the repeateble ones ... I think I noticed this ion EoD and now in SotO.

They show no icon though you can get 0/2  (repeating them once or twice to get +1/+1 or +2 to get to the 2/2) ... only when you do them the icon is shown. (I think there was another thread regarding this. It is confusing since the other achievements work differently. Icon showing if there is more to earn. Disappering if you can't earn more. For repeatablese. Festival stuff works correctly here.)

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