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Relic of Speed stopped working entirely

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The title says it all.

After swapping around some item templates (because now my Herald and Vindicator builds run the same items) the Relic of Speed seized to work.

It just doesent do anything anymore, the swiftness tooltip doesent reflect it anymore and theres no difference in movement speed whatsoever, in or out of combat, with or without the relic equipped.

Real bummer, please fix.

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Yes im sure, ive unequipped and re-equipped it multiple times. Same result, it does nothing.

It used to work before fiddling with the templates. Which seem to be kinda wonky anyways, looking at how colorschemes on 2 particular templates get reset (or rather mixed with parts of whatever template ive been before swapping) almost every time i swap templates. Oddly enough that only happens on those 2, the other ones seem unaffected.

I suspect that the relic not working thing is somewhat related to this bug, considering the similar nature.

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A week ago I had a race with a team mate, me as herald with the passive speed buff and the speed relic and he only got my herald speed buff.

He doubts my speed relic works. First I ran ahead thinking my gap to him will widen quickly, but he actually was always on my tail. Then we switched positions, I chased him and we ran really, really long until I passed him. He said that was because, as a chaser, I can optimise my path better.
To me it felt I was 5% faster than him and not 25% faster.

So I dunno if that thing has any effect. At least I don't see any symbol or anything. And I'm not faster than anybody else.

Whether you run at 133% or 166% should make a noticeable difference.

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