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Astral Ward Cloak - Unused Upgrade Slot


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The API says that the cloak is Level 0. This would be a problem since upgrades cannot go into an item of a lower level than the upgrade. E.g., the Medallion of the Rabid is level 65, and can only be put into an item Level 65 or higher.

Giving this item a Level of 0 is rather odd, and I do not know how Anet can go about fixing this (as lower level characters may be wearing them right now).

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39 minutes ago, Krexen.9057 said:

Item Image

There is an 'Unused Upgrade Slot' on this cloak.

As there is on every back item of exotic rarity.

32 minutes ago, Krexen.9057 said:

Care to be more specific? The things I'm buying aren't working, and it's getting irritating.

You are right, they seem to have forgotten to add a level to the cloak, hence nothing can be put in that slot. 😂

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