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engi mace range too low.


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It has #3 which is a ranged attack, honestly though as Engineers I reckon instead of having a lot of ranged skills to deal with ranged/fast moving players we should have more ways to force them into melee, either via missile reflection, CC, or movement impairing conditions. 

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The main problem is the AA which uses the same animations as tool kit, and has its problems as a result. It takes forever for the attacks to come out, particularly because the hit frame is near the end of the animation, and given how often people bob and weave in PvP it's just extremely likely you'll miss that end frame window. It also means you'll basically never finish a chain, which sucks, because the payoff is really that last attack for TK and mace. 

11 hours ago, Stalima.5490 said:

of course engineers would use a melee mace, but like a 1-handed hammer to fix their gizmos, thus allowing them to "fix" their enemies too.

I use the wrench skin for it and RP it that way too xD

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