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Rift scanner broken - Ooops?

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My friend's Rift Scanner is broken. And the motivations are broken too.

Anybody know how to fix this? We are on Story Part 8 Into the Obscure.

 😝No images here apparently so just imagine what I'd like to show you. 😝

Text Reads:



You have run out of Uncommon Motivations in your inventory. Obtain more uncommon Motivation to continue hunting tier 2 rifts.

This device has short-circuited. Oops...


Yes, we got motivations. But I don't recall any body mentioning where we get more of them or Why On Earth learning to do Level 2 Rifts requires a Currency rather than being a permanant property of having gotten through the story or to Amnytas.. But never mind.

How can we progress with my friend through the story?

Thanks a whole bunch.


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19 hours ago, windyweather.1238 said:

Ok. We figured it out. The setting at the bottom left of the skill bar was set to Jade Bot not Scan for Rift.


You can set a key bind in Option>Controls>Mastery Skills>Scan for Rift. That way you and your friend don't need to use weapon bars Mastery Skill section to set which skill to change for Mastery mode (Jade Bot WP, Fishing, Scan for Rift (use of Heart ability)).

As for crafting Motivation need to look at Astral Ward Mastery track and increase that to unlock NPC that sell you recipes for getting access to higher level Rift through use of Motivation or incease amount of Essence you can get feom closing Rifts.

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