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Does the Wizard tower resting buff match the max level arborstone resting XP buff?

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The wizards tower mastery makes arborstone completely and entirely obsolete, as both have the same XP reward mastery to it except for WT it only requires the first tier for 2 MP, while arborstone requires 20 MP.

Wizards tower also doesn't require any masteries for the crafting stations and even the mystic forge, and unlike arborstone they're all cluttered in the same area extremely close to each other, while in arborstone the crafting areas are a level above that can be reached either by stairs, teleport or zipline, and even then the cooking station is in the opposite side of the entire building to the other crafting stations.

There's absolutely no reason for anyone to do arborstone mastery except for completionists, as WT does the same thing but better and easier and faster

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