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Skill lag on weekly reset EU is consistently horrible


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Dear Arenanet,

The rest of the week, it is not an issue. What can be done to improve game play on Friday nights in WvW?

I think it is time for some communication. The Senior Game designer for WvW left 4 months ago (give or take) and there is a very vague comment in the SotO launch roadmap thingy about "WvW update" coming in the next months.

The additions/changes to the rewards earlier this year have been well received, but what does the future hold for WvW including the political disaster that is called "Alliances"?

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I'm at NA server playing from SEA, the lag and ping after SOTO update is so terrible the game become unplayable. And yes, my internet is in good condition.

The login error thingy always popped up too on my screen, it's so annoying. The same thing happen to other guildies playing from SEA. 

Please could the support team look it up? 

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