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Harbinger Shroud Screen Color


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On 9/9/2023 at 7:58 AM, Maultrace.5761 said:

Post processing on high makes that effect, turn it on lower, or turn it off completely.

Turning down off Post-Processing will also make Light Adaption (box) become disabled which can turn screen to look much darker then before.

@Hpez.2908 you need to adjust your gamma in that case (can be done in games Options>Graphic or/and either on your monitors settings and in your video cards drivers, so there are three places where you can adjust gamma in some cases you also need to adjust colour settings in your video card driver to get the colour to be more accurate to what you had when you used Post-Processing).

Depending on your displays technology (IPS/TN or OLED) you might need to adjust how your display are set up as for how much light that you need. In a dark room the display and colour will look different from in day time brighter lit where each panel might have different character to how good they are in representing colour and brightness needed for it.

Don't forget that MS Windows you have also access to Colour filter (use Search bar on Windows to find this or go from Settings in Windows to Colour Filter) and there are also Settings>Display>Brightness and Colour>Colour Profile which colour profile that Windows will use as Default. You also have Colour Profile in your video cards drivers that can be set up there.


As for Necromancer/Harbinger/Scrouge/Reaper and Spectre (Thief Elite) all of these professions have in different form access to Shroud which put player in a mode there they can not summon a mount or do things like using Gathering Tools like they could in normal mode as player are put into a bundled mode where your weapon skills have been replaced with a bundle instead of normal skills. That green or in some case red tint, are to warn player that they can not do the same thing as they used before until they revert back into a normal mode. 

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