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Researcher Lezzi Rift Event: No Credit

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I have done this one twice now.  The first time I arrived in time to kill a few mobs, then stood in white circles to close the rifts.  Second time I was present from the very start of the chain (I spoke to Lezzi to start things up), fought the demons all the way through, and stood in the white circles to channel.  And it's still the only event I don't have finished in Nourish Natural.

Both times I had trouble keeping my channel going as the mobs set me on fire and that seemed to interrupt me, so possibly I have to be channeling at the moment the rift gets closed in order to get credit, but given how much the mobs swarm and inflict dots it's a pretty harsh requirement if so and will make people prioritize standing where other players block the mobs instead of being helpful.  I'm 2 mastery points away from training my final mastery (greater arcane chests) and since I need those to speed up A New Look I'd really like to get this point 😞

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(sorry for bump, for some reason editing isn't working, won't let me enter text)

I did the event again and got credit.  I *think* what was going on previously was that due to being attacked I had a kryptis targeted.  When I moved within the white circle to get clear space between me and the rift and clicked in the rift's general area before hitting F, my channel proceeded without interruption.  If anyone else has had a similar experience, please advise.  I hesitate to give incorrect feedback to the wiki but if this is the secret to successful credit in the event it'd be worth a note.

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