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How do you properly report afk bot farmers?


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I've recently been livestreaming the entirety of the story again and last Thursday to Friday night I found an army of afk farmers with the same or similar names in Lake Doric doing the same action all at the same time. I screenshotted the scene, I amde a screenshot of the map IP and I have video proof. I don't want to reoprt them all individually since that would not only put my own account at risk but also it's very difficult to click each name with all these turrets and mechs around. Can I just send a ticket with the screens and the video clip? 
Anet should really take a look at this afk farmer problem as it has been an issue for years. 
It's unfair to us who actually play the game and earn their stuff for a decade. 

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Sadly afk farmers are an issue that will always be around. Until Anet invests in decent technology to circumvent this, and bots as a whole, they're here to stay. Even if they do miraculously find a method that works, it's temporary. People *always* find a workaround for these things as a means to keep going.

I used to stop and manually report each one I saw, but after seeing the same people there every day for weeks on end and are still there a year later, I just kind of stopped caring.

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2 hours ago, kharmin.7683 said:

You have 1.1k posts on the forum.  You should know the answer by now as there have been many threads on this in the past.  Anet's stance is to report and move on.

Yep, writing offending account on toilet paper and flushing it has the same impact. LOL

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