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Guild Wars 2 support team is the best.


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5 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

The issue is that once an item is unlocked in the Wardrobe, it can't be 'locked' back up.  Thus, the CS Team can't always replace players' 'oops'. 

I did the exact same thing, wasn't paying attention and chose Heavy instead of Medium.  This is how it was explained to me as well.  The response was very fast and I do appreciate that.  I ended up using the Heavy piece on a boosted character and will start that character through the SoTo story soon.

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I have contacted support 3 times and every time they came through the same day. Two issues with the game and 1 user mistake, all completely fixed, even the user mistake I wasn't expecting to be fixed but tried a request anyway. (I accidentally crafted the wrtong costly legendary component, I was asked to delete it, upon doing that they refunded the ingredients.)

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8 hours ago, Pious Heretic.7263 said:

I accidentally selected a heavy chest piece instead of a medium chest piece from one of the ascended gear boxes from Astral Rewards. 

I submitted a ticket to see if they could help, but they did not. Now I'm out an ascended gear box and the 400 AA. 

My experience is clearly different from yours. 

I did exactly the same thing and thought about submitting a support ticket but eventually decided against it.

Several of my support tickets have been for mistakes I made and they always say they'll only help with that specific problem once, if it happens again you're on your own. I've only done it when it's something I couldn't put right - like choosing a skin I already had from the birthday backpack selection box (you only get 5 of those so if you get a duplicate it's impossible to complete the set) - but I'm worried if I do it too many times they'll refuse even if it's not exactly the same thing I did before. I'm not sure they'd do that but I'd rather not find out the hard way so I only do it if it's something I can't fix.

I assume you haven't sent in loads of support tickets, but maybe they'll only do it when there's no other solution. There's lots of ways to get ascended armour, you can get more AA on future days/weeks and even if another character can't use the ascended piece you can salvage it and use the materials, so it is fixable, just really annoying.

It took me a few days to get enough AA to buy another one, but then I made very sure to get the right one. The most annoying part was I didn't notice the mistake until after I'd salvaged the exotic I was replacing to get the rune out, so my elementalist was stuck without a head piece for a few days.

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A few weeks ago I was about to craft my final legendary sigil and accidentally reflex clicked the mats to make a gift of prosperity instead. Contacted support, on a Sunday mind you, and after a few basic instructions and within a few hours they sent me my mats back and I was able to clean up my mistake.

Anet support is top tier and I'm so thankful for the work they do. Keep being awesome.

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