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No Quater - Distract, Destroy, Distrust - Enter the Bunker BUG

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Hey all, hope you having fun 😄

I have just recently came a cross a bug in the Distract, Destroy, Distrust story step (No Quater chapter).

I was doin the Enter the bunker objective where you need to go into a bunker where you droped a bomb and inspect some stuff. When I inspected the item that was made to trigger the next objective, the map restarted and threw me back on the maps WP. The mission still says "Enter the bunker", but nothing happens when i go back, and nothing happens when Im out of it. I have tried relogging, retaking the map area from enemy troops (it was a advice from some player on reddit), tried to restart the mission (its not working, cause i quit it and can only then continue it from the last objective - which is the Enter the base objective.

I really like doin Icebrood Saga story, so please help to solve this problem. I dont wanna skip episodes because of a stupid BUG.

Ty 🙂

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