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{WvW NA}{ET} [BOOM] Hey you, yeah you! Looking for some group play?


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[BOOM] Bomb As You Go is a WvW fight-focused guild with the goal of building a consistent group with a competitive edge for Open Field. We are looking for both new and veteran players willing to fight outnumbered and as a coordinated squad with a desire to improve both personally and as a group.


Server- Eredon Terrace


- Be active: We are looking for ppl that will consistently and regularly attend rallies. Min of 1x/week is required. Looking for ppl who are interested in being an interactive and committed member of the guild.

- Use comms: Comms are required and paramount for cohesion and synergy. Mic preferred.

- Use Discord: All guild communication, organization, and important info is done here. Members are expected to interact with things like sign ups and are responsible for monitoring important topics.

- Use guild builds/comp: Our builds and comp are required during official runs!

- Be a team player: Be willing to improve, receive constructive criticism, and work with our groups goals. Footage review is encouraged.

- Training: We offer training and members are required to meet with class leads or attend open trainings. This is important for our group dynamics.

- Fight enthusiast: We are a fight guild and fights will be our focus.


Specifically Looking for- Currently we are focusing on the following.





Raid Schedule-

Mon/ Thurs/ Sat: 9-11 pm EST


You can dm me at Thundercleric or Browniegg or any officer on discord



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