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Nourishment and Utility removed in Activity - Why remove in PvE????

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Buffs are only removed when you play Structured PvP. So since I never play that, I use utility and metabolic primers to have long lasting Nourishment and Utility.

With these new dailies, all these primers I have, might as well be destroyed now, cause you make Activity a PvE daily SEVERAL times a week.

I had 11 hours left.
And just for 1 game of Keg Brawl, it was deleted.

I am, to say it mildly, NOT happy about that.

You really need to reconsider this. 
If Nourishment and Utility is removed: it is clearly NOT PvE and therefor should NOT be in PvE dailies.

Stop stealing my buffs please. Stop making food, utility and ESPECIALLY primers useless

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Yeah think I will have to do that.

Apparantly Anet wants more attention to this AFK content. Funny thing is: ArenaNet themselves considers this part of Competititve content and NOT PvE.

From their own Multiboxing Policy page:

"Multi-boxing may ONLY be used in PvE areas. You are not permitted to run multiple accounts simultaneously in PvP*, WvW, activities, or in other competitive environments." 

Just sayin. Activity is not PvE according to Anet themselves 🤣

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3 hours ago, Tuna Bandit.3786 said:

Adding: It apparantly IS a bug. Today I did daily on my EU. Had some cheap food for the 10 kills and didn't care about loosing it. 
So I decided to not relog since I had what, 15 minutes left on it anyways.

After Keg Brawl she still had her food buff, while yesterday my NA clearly lost the buff.

That is strange indeed.

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