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Biggest Complaint on WvW - Idle Players / Trolls

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The biggest problem with WvW is the fact that it's a competitive environment that has a limited number of players.  During peak hours when the maps are maxed out, there's nothing more annoying than having players who are idling and taking up space that other players could be using.  Whether they are doing it on purpose as trolls or just newbies, I don't know, but there are ways to fix this.

We often see during big battles 3-5 players sitting around at the teleport gates for long periods.  Sometimes there are players on auto-run running into the wall, for long periods.  Obviously bots or trolls.  I report them, but not sure the reports actually do anything.


#1 - Post a message to players when they join that they should go to the obsidian sanctum if they are idling / need to work on their build.  Since we have different character buildouts in WvW then PvE, I understand that sometimes players need to work on their builds and they can only do that in WvW.  However, they should be sent to obsidian sanctum for that.


#2 - The idle timer needs to be fixed.  If a player does not engage in combat with an enemy within 5 minutes they should be teleported to obsidian sanctum.  This means:

 - Attacked and damaged a player / NPC or wall from the other team.

- Fired a siege weapon that has hit a player / NPC or wall from the other team.

- Have not actively repaired a wall or built a siege structure.

- Ensuring that they actually hit an enemy from the other team stops botters who setup a program to make them just push a skill over and over again to stop the idle count and try to troll our team.


#3 - This idle timer can be active all the time, however if ANET thinks it is too restrictive then just make it active when the map is full.  Similar to where we get a buff that says "outnumbered".  Make a buff that says "Map Full - Idle Timer Engaged".  Then it kicks out all idle players according to the rules that I setup above.


      It's difficult to balance the game with wanting to have more new players and also have a competitive environment.  Quite frankly, ANET can just setup a welcome email to new players the first time they join WvW to explain this is a competitive environment and how the idle timer works.



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Interesting idea. Not sure how you plan to judge who is "need to work on their build" or not. There are loads of people with perfectly OK meta builds that haven't played for a while or learn or just bad. So I don't think this will work. Same goes for DPS. You can't have "at leat 15K dps" limit for people to join WvW.

Sure, getting to WvW maps is a challenge after SotO release but I think we should be happy for many new people who are willing(or forced) to experience this new and exciting game mode). Without alliance or any kind of rank matching in place it will be hard to achieve good balance between new players and veterans. There are many people who have several accounts so "hours played" or "rank" might not always be a good indicator. Very often WvW is numbers game. The one with bigger zerg wins. Not always of course, but very often. So it makes less/no sense to make empathies on individuals. It's all about zergs and you will never learn how to play WvW if you can't be part of it with experienced players and commander on voice chat. That's why I think it might be good to mix new players along with veterans. We should have an open community and help people to learn with tips and advices. 

I think there should be room for people to take short breaks (5-15min) from WvW without loosing their spot on the map. I also find it very limiting that you can't reload to another character without loosing your place in queue/map.

At the same time we often end up in a situation when we have full raid, queue for people to join, someone leaving the raid but map queue not moving. This is caused by people leaving the raid group but still staying on the map "running into a wall".  Reporting those those people doesn't help. Same goes for other game modes. If you report an idle person in PvP nothing happens. One person in WvW is not a big deal. But in 3v3 matches it is.

I find it unfair that scouting or just hitting players with arrow carts or any other tools without them dying doesn't give you any participation rewards. You are counted as "AFK" player and loose your participation despite trying your best to help the team.

We have one person on our server that keeps running around and pulling all the tactics available. That person was reported millions of times and still, that person continues to do what he wants. It would be nice if Anet could address this in some way.

I like an idea of a bit more strict rules for full maps but it's hard to find a balance to make is "fair".

You could also propose giving  guild members priority in joining the map if there are already one or several guild members there. There are pros and cons there as well. 

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