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Personal Story: Entrapment bug

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Within the story instance "Entrapment" during the part "Hear the encouragement of your friends. Focus your thoughts on positive memories." the ravenous wanderer in its final boss form bugs out at approx. 10% hp. The blue circle on the ground spawns, where the commander has to step foot, but the story progression stops here. Neither the boss, nor any other npc moves/ talks- everything comes to a halt, preventing any further progression of the story. It's basically unplayable.

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I could solve the problem by waiting in the circle for approximately 10 min. It seems that the issue was a delay in the change of the special action key. It should immediately change from "stow bundle" (the emotions container that is) to channeling positive memories- which it didn't. I was standing in the blue circle while still being only capable of using the emotions container for quite a while. For someone like me, playing the instance for the first time, it's very tempting to logg out and restart the story part, since it is unclear what to do any further.

It's worth it to have a look at the coding there.


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