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Bugs on collection and in fractal content


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Hello ,

Just to report several bugs who hasn't been adressed yet :

-collection of "eagle eye" weapons is currently bugged for those who had the starting chest for one of those weapon , i have the mace for this collection i can't unlock it for the collection , blocking the end achievement.

-Silent surf fractal : even more undoable than previous patch , sometimes the adds just dissapear making the boss wipe attack unavoidable , it always bug the first time , so doing the achievement for the team to not die once is undoable.

-Sunqa peak : Boss just stay in place the first 33% of her hp and even do it twice sometimes from 66 to 33 or 33 to 0. If we get pushed back inside the entrance when the boss does her water phase our char just glitch trough the door then get ported inside the arena again , like 5-6 times (even put a bugged portal who was inaccessible for everyone cause i placed it , techincally , out of the arena)

-Shattered observatory : Artsariv (2nd boss) just stay in place when she phase from 66% and 33%.

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