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So why can't I pick as untamed which hammer skills get flipped?


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I think what OP means is why can't we select them while still maintaining ambush ability; so that unleash pet isn't always all CC and unleash ranger all damage.

I can't think of a reason other than it would get confusing for opponents, but that line of reasoning applied before weapon master as now who knows what skills a hammer ranger has selected outside of Untamed.

I'm willing to be it's in the coding as selection is a static thing and there very likely is no mechanism to have two sets of selectable flip skills, and no desire to do that when there are bigger fish to fry.  

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It is so funny that the hammer which is specifically designed for untamed performs miles better in druid and soulbeast because they get to choose the skills where as untamed has to switch between unleash and leashed modes lol. There is 1 to 2 seconds cooldown to switch again which renders your CC's on the hammer useless lol which is funny because the unleashed hammer skills REQUIRES enemy to be CC'ed for the full effect, completely butchering any fluidity or synergy between the weapon and spec.

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny how ranger is the only class in this sense. This wouldnt have happened to any other LOL.

PS: Also, yeah, they *totally* planned that they will be introducing weaponmaster training 1 or 2 expansions down the line and *certainly* didnt pull it out of their kitten at the last second because of lack of marketable content in SotO ;))))).

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