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Question on Specter Stealth


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I am unfamiliar with the specter so am curious.....

How the hell do they stealth so much? I got in a fight with two thieves for a camp. I stomped the one but the specter kept stealthing  (I think he was using scepter)... I pulled up my old thief avatar and began going through the traits.... I do not see anything that would allow a specter to continually stealth over and over and over.....

So what am I missing? 

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2 hours ago, Doggie.3184 said:

Are you sure it was a Specter because I play Stealth Scepter Daredevil.

positive. using either offhand dagger, and cloak and dagger on you repeatedly / offhand pistol and using blast and leap finishers from utility bar as well as from shroud (has 1 leap and 2 blasts)

very positive...

was he shooting BEAMS at you that caused slow and torment and immobilize?

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I'm kind of thinking the same as Doggie if it's consistent and over and over. Knowing how much time between Stealth sessions might help to know what they're using.

I give group stealth routinely with scepter/pistol 5 and Shroud blasts if I'm building Shadow Force and then I have sword/dagger for Cloak and Dagger. If it was your camp they could CnD off of guards or whatever is there. 

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Yeah as the person above me said it's primarily blast finishers with skills unique to specter. 

So weapons set scepter pistol, you can do the following:

Pistol 5 > Enter shroud > Cast 2 or 3 (or BOTH) in combo field. 

Enter Shroud > Pre-cast shroud 5 > Exit Shroud > Pistol 5 

Enter Shroud > Pre - cast shroud 2 > Exit Shroud > Pistol 5 

Stuff like that! 

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I was actually surprised by the question. Not saying it's coming out of left field, since like some have answered Specters do have as easy an access to stealth as others thief specs. It's just that it's so rare for me to encounter Specters that actually use it, I almost do forget they're thiefs most times 😁

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