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Sanctified Weapon Skin Box limit prevents acquiring all skins

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In the Wizard Vault Rewards, there is a purchase limit of 16 on the sanctified weapon skin box - logical since there are 16 weapons. Except, there is nothing to prevent acquiring duplicate skins except reading the locked/unlocked text on the tooltips. If you should accidentally select a duplicate, due to the purchase limit, you can no longer acquire all the skins (as such, I cannot obtain the last skin I want from this set).


Really the solution should be in prevention of selecting a duplicate skin.

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Easiest solution for such stuff probably would be to make them open a vendor tab that uses the boxes as currency - instead of the box opening tab. (Certain items actually do that - like the black lion statuettes.) Then adding the skins there and make them disappear once bought (limit: 1 per account per skin). With them being bound they'd auto unlock once bought. And you do not need to scroll and keep looking at the tooltip to check which one you have unlocked already. They should do this for a lot of similar content.

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I have the same issue, i have two skins which i cannot unlock. i don't recall duplicating any skins as i check for locked or unlocked before confirming.  Once purchased they should be removed from the list of available since they are unlocked on the account


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I fell victim to this as well.

Unable to unlock the 'Dark Sanctified Dagger Skin'. The game shows the 'Dark Sanctified Weapon Skin Selection Box' as being sold out, as I obtained two 'Dark Sanctified Greatsword Skins'.

Submitted a Support Ticket as suggested on the wiki. Disappointed this is still a thing. Should be easy enough to keep this problem from reocurring.

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Support was very quick to resolve this for me.

They had me delete the greatsword skin, then mailed me a weapon skin selection box. I must have checked it thousand times, to ensure the right skin was selected. Kind of surprised they didn't send me the skin instead. While I'm baffled this can even happen, I'm happy it worked out.

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