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new player looking for a guild. for my bf and i.

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my bf and i play usually between 8a.m and 3p.m and we are looking for at least 1 guild that does raids/fractals in that time line that way he can get in on the endgame. as for me. im on from 8a.m usually till about 10pm and night 1a.m on the weekends. so i would be looking for end game stuff. social casual. family friendly safe environment for everyone kind of guild.

i've noticed that ive run into alot of guilds claiming to be a safe environment. but they are only a safe environment for certain ppl. or certain ppl that share the same opinions. i mean i get not everything can be stopped. etc. but i mean if someone says tht something this other person did was triggering. esp when its is about an imaginary person. etc. like there is somethings that should be vocalised and something tht shouldnt. and i mean if your gonna be a high rank official in this guild.... you would think people would have a better sense at filtering what they say. i know this prolly doesnt belong in this section. but i mean the situations are a common thing allbeit. with different scenarious. kind of like a neurodivergent vs atypical society. where the ppl who are not atypical. "normal" whatever normal is?? are automatically put in the not acceptable group and "oh alot of ppl have complaints and this is your warning to be kicked kind of thing"  like just because an opinion isnt in league with everyone else doesnt mean its not valid or important too.


it would just be nice to find a place to belong without being afraid to tlk and make friends because of such and such person or the majority dont like ur opinions or even just your presence cuz you come off wrong. or something or another. you would just think that others would have more common sense on how their words would affect another person rather they shared the same opinion or not. or agree'd with whatever action. and i'll prolly get troll'd for this but. sigh. ah well. but hopefully it helps me find mutal carring people.

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The Meow House [CAT] is seeking both new and seasoned players to join us in a fun and family style guild.

We are not the same as other guilds, we’re not looking to be “the biggest and meanest”, we’re looking for new friends. We don't want you to be just a number, we want to get to know you.

We are primarily a PvE Guild, very casual and active. We do a little of everything, including Fractals, Dungeons, Dragon Response Missions, Strikes. We do guild missions weekly. If you need assistance with your personal story let us know, we’re more than happy to help! Those wanting to run in WvW will find us on Devona's Rest (mostly), and we occasionally do PvP.

We have a Discord server and are building up our guild hall aggressively. With your help we will continue to grow and flourish.

Our main focus is having FUN!! 

We are looking forward to having you join the guild and maybe even our sister guild as well. Our sister guild is The Madhouse Retreat [MAD] owned by JABYRD.9278. They are very similar to [CAT] but have their eyes on higher end-game content in the near future.

So, if you’re looking for friends and need a place to set down roots, we really are a fun bunch!

Come and join us! You know you want to 😉


Disa Wyrmhunter, Norn Soulbeast

Banrigh.5932 (Guild Leader)

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