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Reminder of Deadeye's Bugs/Visual Fixes and Needed Buffs for [PvE] ONLY!


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  • [Rifle] [Deadeye's Mark] must be able to Mark Every Foe and Entity in game (All of the Meta Events Bosses) since that is the obvious thing to add/fix for a class that is ''Single Target Marking and Stacking''; (The issue for this might be with the ''Red Circle of Scope and It's Animation'' around the target that appears after using the [Deadeye's Mark], tho again, the chances for that many Marks on Same Target, and for it to start glitching, is extremely low since there are less and less Deadeye Users);
  • [Rifle] Random Cooldown on [Deadeye's Mark] that triggers even if there is no either ''Obscured, Miss, Evaded or Blocked''. That is happening for some reason and it's confusing;

Visual Issues:

  • [Double Tap] and [Spotter's Shot] Bullet's are switched in animation. [Spotter's Shot] ''Purple Chain/Immobilize'' animation is visible when using normal bullets from [Double Tap] and Vice Versa;
  • The [Death's Judgement]'s Light on ''Sniper'' Orange/Yellow Line is Diminished and Faded like;

Needed Buffs: [PvE] ONLY

  • Malicious [Death's Judgement]: Decreased power coefficient from 2.67 to 2.19. Bringing back the Damage Bonus per Malice to 25%;
  • [Shadow Flare]: Bringing back the ''5 Time Pulse''. With the ''Reduced Power Coefficient from 2.0 to 1.0'' this may be reduced a little more but with the adjustment for that to add [Blindness] on pulse for 0.5 seconds;
  • Forbidden Adjustments or Nerfs for the [Relic of Deadeye]. The numbers must be seen and over powered for this class after all these are done by ArenaNet;

This is an Assassin/Rogue Type of class in MMORP Games so the Extreme Damage needs to be shown. And not to mention HIGH Risk - HIGH Reward.


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