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Suggestion - Make Shelter a Consecration skill


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It doesn't because consecrations are all ground targeted area skills. They consecrate that area of ground. Shelter is just a heal and block on the guardian only.

Also does Shelter really need to be a 4 second block?

I agree it could probably use a rework though, maybe be replaced by an actual consecration type skill.

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On 11/2/2023 at 3:38 PM, Roadkizzle.2157 said:

I think they should just make all Consecrations Wells.


Why do they have their own skill type when they function exactly like the more general Well type?

For the same reason Thief’s have Preparations instead of Traps… Rangers have Commands instead of Shouts… why there are Manipulations, Deceptions, and Punishments all as separate skill types despite them all doing the same thing… Armaments and Gadgets are the same thing.. Exceeds and Spectral are virtually the same thing too… Ambushes and Stealth Attacks…

the game is full of reused skill types using different names for different professions…

Heck… Mesmer Glamours are just as much Wells as Guardian Consecrations… infact Glamours and Consecrations are identical in function & mechanic to eachother.

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