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Skywatch Archipelago glider tour

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With the expac drop there was a lot of focus on the new zone with players getting story, events and masteries done, and that's all fine. But in all of that, there isn't really a lot of time to just take in the visuals because you're always running off after some goal, getting interrupted by random aggro or whatever.

Taking a more or less straight-line glide path from the tower all the way down to the zone's entry point really lets you get a good look around, with some distance limitations. I'm sure there are better paths making use of updrafts, but this simple path shows off most of the zone from above, and the view is worth it.

I took my character down to basic generic equipment to reduce visual distraction, and used the default glider because it's one of the smallest and certainly the plainest. There is no character bling, no mount wings flapping, no overlaid music, nothing to distract from the view during a low-key sightseeing tour.

The view over Droknar's was obscured by a snowstorm, which clears around 1:50.


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