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First set of Ascended Gear - Power or Condi


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I am about to acquire my first full set of ascended gear and am facing a dilemma. Right now I main Mesmer after switching mains from thief part way through IBS, I also have a necromancer that is 80 but I haven't experimented with them much yet. Currently on my Mesmer I only have one set of exotic gear at the moment, my Open World Mirage setup of Vipers/Ritualist gear with Ascended Trinkets and weapons. I also have two unused exotic stat selectable sets available. I plan on doing fractals eventually for the Ad Infinitum backpack eventually so I would like for my ascended setup to work alright in Fractals. Is it worthwhile for my first ascended set to be for cVirt with the assumption I won't be able to use it on other characters or other specs easily? Or should I stick with something like full berserkers for pVirt / Chrono instead? I am also looking into a better build for quicker farming  in open world like rifts or easy events where I feel that my alac condi Mirage is a little too slow so ideally I could use power for that.

Thanks for any insight or suggestions

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Condi Virtuoso or Mirage or in case you want the backup of playing Necro and Ele.

Let's be honest, mesmer isn't liked by the Anet balance team you never know when it'll be cked and kitten around. Wait, what am I saying it's already cked and kitten around a lot.

People in these forum have some high amount of copium with 'wait, mirage is good in OW for fighting ONE single boss for 7 mins SINGLE target only', 'wait chrono can heal and its off meta and kewl even though we agree it's trash as a serious healer' Or ' Virtuoso is good in OW because your clones don't disappear when it's a cheap iced latte tier weakkk to play in OW '. There are people who still think that inspiration is good sustain because wow my clone healz after they lose so much dmg from using that line in the first place. It's a bigger trap than voting for Trump and the most useless sustain.

They don't even realize that you don't have to make the same defense for the three necro specs or the three ele specs. You can literally play them ALL and scourge healer or tempest healers aren't a meme like chrono healer is.

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I personally used my first 3 Ascended armors to get Assassin gear for my Chronomancer.


I have full Exotic Rampager gear and Ascended Laurel amulet/rings for my Virtuoso which will let me do any Fractals in tier 1 or 2 and give me time to get Ascended gear for Condi builds.

My Virtuoso already does very well so I figured the higher stat line and Precision would provide more help for my Chronomancer than the gear would for my Virtuoso.

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