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I made the Dreamer yday and I was wondering what Ranger spec is good with camping or being mostly in shortbow?


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All Condi ranger builds use shortbow. Most have a second set of weapons (dagger/dagger).
If camping though, it’s still viable but is strictly worse than also using another set of weapons (as long as you’re not bad at it).

Variants of Soulbeast shortbow have always been a highly recommended go-to for low intensity build for new players. Camping it as Druid can serve a similar purpose.

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On 9/28/2023 at 5:58 AM, Remus Darkblight.1673 said:

Any condi build basically. Although shortbow isn't really a top tier weapon on Ranger in all honesty. This coming from someone who made Chuka and Champawat as their first legendary for their ranger back in 2016.

I'd disagree, as shortbow has poison, method for swiftness, soft CC's, and a daze/stun (hard CC's), all on one weapon.  

For OP, if camping means just spamming 1, then be prepared for a lot of grief coming your way.  Better off making at thief to Dreamer troll if that's what you're after.  

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Camping shortbow results in a downgrade to your damage output in pretty much any case, but condi soulbeast is the one that is most compatible with that tactic. That's basically how the low intensity variants work.

I'm assuming you're talking about PvE here, since weapon camping in PvP/WvW modes isn't normally anyone's goal.

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I will repeat the notion that you need to clarify what kinda content you mainly play..I will also repeat the notion that condi druid is hilarious right now..I don't even know if your weapon super matters...if condi damage sucks in whatever situation..it won't be "cause you are camping shortbow" fault imo lol.


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Untamed with Staff and dagger/dagger or torch for off hand.

Untamed has a good amt of defensive skills and staff has overall mobility that can heal and CC. Used with the right pet u get even more skills (unleashed ranger/pet)

Makes applying condi easier on ranger but this will haven alot less condi pressure compared to SB condi.

Short bow really doesnt do much. It lacks the needed pressure to stack Condi.

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