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jade bot upgrades accidentally deleted, support doesn't help (Ticket #9069703)

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Yesterday (Sep 27) I deleted my Norn ranger in order to make a new human ranger, but after deleting him I realized I'd forgotten to take out the jade bot upgrades he had in his jade bot.

Jade Bot Core: Tier 10

Recycler: Karma

Rescue Protocol Recharge 3

I contacted support yesterday, shortly after the deletion, explained the situation and asked to restore the upgrades. I got a reply asking for the "Date and exact time of the loss (as close as you can remember), Display name and Character names". I provided the information, then got a reply saying


Upon checking, your account, we able to verify your purchase for this "Rescue Protocol Recharge 3" and it was residing on your character [snip]
As for the Jade Bot Core: Tier 10, and Recycler: Karma, we have concluded our investigation into the lost items that you reported. We were not able to verify this particulars items loss in our records. It is not possible for the Guild Wars 2 Support Team to replace such an item without independent verification of its loss and the circumstances surrounding a loss incident.

Support doesn't say what this "independent verification" means, but I figured proof was needed. I provided two screenshots showing I obtained the achievements you get when you equip the jade bot core tier 10 and a tier 3 jade bot module, in my case "Rescue Protocol Recharge 3". I also gave the date I unlocked them (Sep 10), as well as a screenshot of my norn ranger with the recycler karma and rescue protocol recharge buffs active. I also informed support I have gameplay recorded showing the deletion of my ranger, as well as  gameplay that shows he had the buffs right up until his deletion. I got the reply


Please know that once a character was deleted, unfortunately, we are unable to investigate and verify the items that were deleted along with the character. As we discussed in our previous response, it is not possible for the Guild Wars 2 Support Team to replace such an item without independent verification of its loss and the circumstances surrounding a loss incident. We hope you'll understand.

Support can't see what items my deleted ranger had, fair enough, but they can check that the date I said I unlocked the upgrades matches the day I got the achievements. They can check that I bought the "Rescue Protocol Recharge 3" upgrade from the Guest Elder [Research Merchant] vendor in the Thousand Seas Pavilion on Sep 10, that I bought  the Jade Bot Core Tier 10 and the Recycler: Karma on the Trading Post that same day, that I don't have the upgrades anymore in any jade bot on any of my characters, that they aren't in my inventory or account bank and that I didn't sell or destroy them. On top of that, there's my screenshots that I sent, as well as game recordings I can upload to youtube for verification anytime they like. I'm sorry, but I don't understand why they can't restore the upgrades.

Edit: Support has since gotten back to me and I'm thankful to report that my upgrades have been restored.

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issue was resolved
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