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Anet can we get a statement on Multi Boxing and exploiting PvP custom lobbies for dailies

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since you guys prob wont read this in the pvp Subforums here is just one question:

With the new reworked daily system multiboxing and doing the daily/weekly achievements can be a pretty lucrative source of infinite money every day/week.

I think its all fair and square if you buy multiple accounts and actually play them to get those daily rewards.

exploiting custom arenas to get those dailys is another thing though. passive afk farming of gold that just shouldnt be allowed and probably can also spook some new players looking forward to do some pvp, who check on those "full" lobbies just to see bot like behavior.

a statement on this exploit would be nice and an exclusion of custom arenas from pvp dailies appreciated.

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Dear OP: 

The rules state you can multibox in Custom Arena, and it asks as a courtesy that the host places a warning/statement in title or description.
The Host is the owner who forked out 200 gold on a 30 day starter kit, and who pays an addition 2 gold per DAY to continue the Arena.

Why do you think you have the right to demand rule changes?
Why do you sound so entitled?

If you want a Multibox-free Custom Arena: Pay for it.
As I payed to have that right to multibox in Custom.

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