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The 18th King and Queen's Horrorween (2023)

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Knight at Lion's Hollow

Event forum post best viewed in Guildwars2 default mode.


Come one - come all to The 18th King and Queen’s Horrorween! 

Join us in Lion’s Arch, on the 28th of October, starting at 6pm CEST.

Tyria's oldest community event returns to the Guild Wars franchise with a journey into Kryta’s spooky past!

The Snowman King on behalf of her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invites you all to attend this knightly Halloween adventure.
Featuring the famous costume contest, live in-game bands, coconuts, a dedicated Discord channel where you can interact with our courtiers and listen to Halloween music, and fan favourite activities you have all come to know and love! It is not to be missed!

Visit the official website TheHorrorween.com for more information!


ūü¶īPLOT FOR 2023

An ancient menace is stirring once again in the port-city of Lion's Arch . A tale long forgotten.
The Wickerman, guardian of the Horrorween, has fallen - resulting in an unwilling oath.
One of Mad King Thorn’s knightly minions, a high ranking member of the Lunatic Court, has been set loose upon Lion’s Hollow, to remind Tyrians why they fear what lurks in the Labyrinth. 
Royal affairs do not come to Tyria unchallenged however, prepare for a night of medievil mayhem!
As the 13th hour draws near, join forces with Daniel Frozenwind, King of the Snowmen, and Mad Queen Malafide, to drive back this ancient terror from antiquity.
Steel yourself, ready your armour and coconuts! Rise to the courtly challenge!



Once upon a Halloween spooky, while I wandered, sly and kooky,

Over many a Candycorn and Arcanus Obscurus of forgotten lore‚ÄĒ

While I plotted, nearly cackling, suddenly there came a scratching,

As of some Skyscale gently scratching, scratching at the Mad King’s Door.

‚Äú‚ÄôTis some Choya or Quaggan,‚ÄĚ I muttered, ‚ÄúCooing at His Realm‚Äôs door‚ÄĒ
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† A mesmer illusion and nothing more.‚ÄĚ

I remember, though not entirely sober, it was in the trick or treating of October;

And each separate dying ember infusion, wrought Gnashblade’s gold upon the floor.

Eagerly I wished to follow;‚ÄĒvainly I had sought Lion‚Äôs Hollow.

From Malafide‚Äôs unholy books came much sorrow‚ÄĒsorrow for the lost Grim Fright of yore.

For the rare and radiant Knight whom the Bloody Prince names Sir Steve the Grim, an evil I abhor‚ÄĒ
            Nameless In the Labyrinth for evermore.

And the skeletal, sad, uncertain roaring of each chainsaw sawing,

Thrilled me‚ÄĒfilled me with fantastic horrors never felt before;

With my Heart of the Obscure whirring, I felt an evil stirring.

Evil stirring in the Labyrinth, eager for some gore.

So that now, to still the itching of my carrot, I stood repeating,

‚Äú‚ÄôTis some Knightly Visitor entreating, entrance from The Mad Realms door‚ÄĒ

Some Grim Fright entreating, entrance to the Lion‚Äôs Arch floor;‚ÄĒ

¬†A mesmer illusion and nothing more.‚ÄĚ



    17:30 | Tale of the Grim Fright / Grand Banquette
    18:00 | Duel of the Cakes 
    18:30 | Joust About
    19:00 | Ramming Speed / Fountain Photos
    19:30 | Knightly Costume Contest 
    20:00 | 
    20:30 | Ghost Stalk
    21:00 | -Redacted- (Dwayna’s Boom) 
    21:30 | Ghostly Quartet (CMAJ) 
    22:00 | 
    22:30 | Ridiculous Riffs 
    23:00 | Beetle-Joust,Beetle-Joust,Beetle-Joust!
    23:30 | Piazza Drift Championship / The Great Batty Beetle Boost
    00:00 | Stone in the Sword / Knightflight/ Last is First / Frozenwind-says
    00:30 | Grand Finale (Horrorween stage)
    01:00 | The After Party / The Community Spirit Award


Sponsored Guild(s)

  • Guardians of the Dutch [GOTD] (For donating the vast majority of event prizes & hosting event Discord)

  • [CMAJ] for providing the famous live band "The Ghostly Quartet‚ÄĚ

  • Golems Walk Among Mere Mortals [MK1] If you know, you know.¬†

  • The Renegades of Ascalon [TDK] For keeping the legacy alive.


Noteworthy In-Game Activities

The Ghostly Quartet

The ghostly band of musicians bring down the house during this incredible live in-game concert. They play all their music live and by hand, bringing us songs of yore! It is an event not to be missed!

The Knightly Costume Contest

Dress your spookiest and most courtly at our annual costume contest. Our judges will judge your attire based on originality, creativity and style (no full gemstore costumes). Best male, female and "Ugly Stick" win special prizes. It will be a knight to remember!

Beetle-Joust, Beetle-Joust, Beetle-Joust!

Prepare to scorch some cobblestones and watch those devious turns! The Beetle-Joust is the fastest Roller Beetle race in Tyria. The winners get to face off in the Piazza Drift Championship!

Grand Finale

Don't miss the spectacular conclusion of the Horrorween; an epic fireworks show!

The Community Spirit Award

Every year we have a special prize from the vast reaches of the Mists, for one very special Tyrian. Simply attend and bring all your festive spirit to have a shot at this prize.


How do I take part?

The event shall be held on EU servers, in Lion’s Arch, on the 28th of October, starting at 6pm CEST! All you have to do is attend, take part in the festivities, and fabulous prizes will be in store for you. Try to avoid the hangman's noose!

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!

Not to worry! There are many other ways to take part in the spooky festivities. Just grab your noble steed and join the raffle and art contest on the official forums, or join any of several activities on Discord and on Twitch. A work around is to create a free account, if you win anything big at the event we will gladly mail it across far far away to your main account!

Twitch Coverage





This year there will be another extraordinary Halloween Art Contest with spectacular prizes. To enter, post a Halloween art piece that you created, including one of the event's hosts, or both - Knightly / Courtly  themes earns you bonus points! More details will be provided in the Art Contest thread, which you'll find right here!


1st place: ArenaNet Gem Code, Courage, Power Ghostly Infusion and 125 Globs of Ectoplasm.

2nd place: ArenaNet Gem Code, Ambrosia, Power Ghostly Infusion and 100 Globs of Ectoplasm.

3rd place: ArenaNet Community Chest, Power Ghostly Infusion and 75 Globs of Ectoplasm.


Additional prizes may be added to the pot, and there are also surprise prizes for some of the runners up!


Pick a number between 1 and 165, and we’ll randomly draw a winner from that list, during the event. Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen. You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account. Some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken. Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize. Make sure you spell it right. And yes, US players can take part as well! 


The Raffle may be extended in case of overwhelming interest (more numbers means more winners).



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1  Tree fairy.2408

2 lordfitna.6427

3 Qwertaner.2057

4 Misty.1652

5 KittiBambi.3487

6 flyingpotato.9821

7 Anamona.1089

8 xinatron.7149

9 Deathblade.4856

10 Jet.5984

11 Eddy.2186

12 PotatoAim.7014

13 stuffles.6734

14 sakura.1856

15 Remus Darkblight.1673

16 MrFox.6372

17 Emmahaa.7905

18 Kanon.4857

19 Mordin.6183

20 Chaos.2049

21 justaclare.8460

22 Ozz.6250

23 MarinNuor.4257

24 Ana.2415

25 SlayerNinja.2053

26 falco.1840

27 Super Tireur.4328

28 Greygan.7154

29 Wickie.7162

30 Calendra.9074

31 Muscut.9321

32 Malix.3126

33 Kauna Arget.7052

34 Sfx.3517

35 RyuuNoSenshi.4982

36 jewelss.1742

37 kanet.6082

38 motorhoofd.1935

39 Eliandria.3105

40 AintGold.5128

41 BaalSyras.1927

42 Nitsirk.2357

43 Sauce.9850

44 Grumpy McGrumps.8504

45 Dyers.1830

46 Anubis.9056

47 Aquilonius.1654

48 NoisyBoy.4218

49 MyZoGa.3560

50 Owlsfly Jemmini.7802

51 George.7849

52 BlueMolang.6524

53 VitamineC.3769

54 Halloween.3506

55 Yuber.4529

56 Frojo Baggins.6197

57 Snagglepuss.1278

58 Dandelion.9120

59 Midori.1347

60 morpza.6058

61 Tamara.2859

62 Lumiere.1264

63 Dior kitten Silva.1843

64 Morgenstern.5346

65 Jeaellasar.2680

66 ASHEZ.9362

67 Cait Sith.4650

68 Ygnir.8961

69 Appelflap.5017

70 Merchant Of Shadows.1526

71 Saelath.1736

72 TheSmokingMan.6210

73 mystiquex.2740

74 Kaanac.4025

75 Sasooka.5148

76 Bobe.3759

77 senoramor.7534

78 Sigilien.5680

79 Algo.2698

80 fergenbergel.9051

81 markuslk.9427

82 Kenar Solmen.7901 

83 ZeryMathius.8162

84 Nachtschwaermerin.3917

85 Ikhana Graveyard.1058

86 Mieke.9125

87 sieyu.1875

88 Shisureen.8930

89 Lobos.7431

90 Jsizzle.4902

91 DaveInTheEU.9125

92 Nirim.6789

93 Rob oh One.8472

94 AbductedFry.6032

95 IonutzV.1430

96 Scurek.9436

97 Nitasey.9750

98 adimysli.2813

99 Seekin.7895

100 Garfried.7295

101 Andur.9275

102 Mike N Ike.4795

103 Hierox.4058

104 neppaa.4803

105 nickoz.3249

106 Chenis.8169

107 themisfit.9740

108 blackpanther.9187

109 Aelnir.3176

110 Avrenis.6752

111 Tpmaster.5728

112 Sacrife.2678

113 Lilith The Fallen.1590

114 Matty.1234

115 Tazzy.1658

116 askja.1692

117 Tikpe.8173

118 SpookyScape.9435

119 Skyhighjinks.9573

120 Willow Winters.2890

121 ratlord.3529

122 SirSirio.3064

123 floralei.2309

124 Sturmblitzz.9254

125 Krucid.4621

126 Shelby.3460

127 Kimiko.1456

128 Karamic.2608

129 Noraya.3094

130 Ares.3185

131 Razoran.7683

132 Harvest the Witch.8125

133 Zeiiino.3178

134 Sariael.4583

135 Erdnussbrot.1958

136 silverdevilboy.3261

137 Dulcis Amare.4923

138 NinaOverlord.4125

139 jessica.4239

140 Zog.1369

141 Zin.4718

142 Votasu.2894

143 vera.8564

144 OrionAstrophel.3725

145 Takenito.4570

146 Subli.8217

147 LadyJane.1472

148 ALPHA.4867

149 SplitCoreGaming.1479

150 Aethelwyna.7269

151  BadKitty.5426

152  viXello.5421

153 Chronos.1904

154 tehcookie.7293

155 dieux.4165

156 Ollannach.7348

157 Soul Doomer.9702

158 foclii.8954

159 Dantte.5146

160 Maniac.3068

161 angelofhate.9705

162 AlexisToran.5719

163 Hiroschi.3062

164 Megis.9264

165 Spyro.1632

166 Wololo.4096

167  Era Lukasson.4381

168 Seekind.2806

169 Virdo.1540

170 Lukas.7129

171 MelodyMelanie.7129

172 Aelinor.1756

173 Silurian.9875

174 Visions.7485

175 Heytukan.5024

176 Zengath.9750

177 Eternalfly.3025

178 Mad King Thorn

179 Tonny.5908

180 Creiw.1659



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