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Let’s Take It To Next Level

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3 hours ago, Adry.7512 said:

Right but now that they made boats, I mean common I haven’t even seen gliding being abandoned as a mechanic. I can’t imagine they will just abandon the idea of boats. Additionally, they have been introducing new masteries to existing mastery lines for a while now, I see them doing it for boats. 

It is more likely the expand on the jade bot with ziplines, power batteries everywere and attack/defence pylons then the skiff in my oppinion.

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15 hours ago, Omega.6801 said:

When are pinball machines coming? When will this game turn into FIFA Tyria? When will we get a Sonic the Hedgehog cameo? When will this game reference the MCU?

FIFA Tyria is probably sooner than you realized man. We already have a ball, boon ball, we just need teams and a symmetrical field.

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16 hours ago, Adry.7512 said:

Ok common they made a literal boat with mechanics and features then they didn’t expand on it one single bit. You’re being silly.

They made a single boat like a year and a half ago, during which they delivered the Wizards, Vault, a new expansion and Season 1. I'm not sure when you expect them to expand on it or why you think that's the one feature they should expand on. I don't know about you, but I'm less excited about Skiffs than I am about a new PvP map...and I'm not excited at all about a new PvP map.

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I kind of feel like there's a lot of pirate content already. 

They'd have to put a lot of work into a lot of things, to make a water map feasible.

I really like that we can endlessly swim underwater in this game, it's pretty cool to just explore underwater. But the combat is wacky due to you and the enemy being able to be at many different heights. I wouldn't vote for more of that, personally. 

And while I like to try out sailing ships, most games aren't able to pull this off in a way where the ship feels like it's nicely responsive to navigation skills, or where the combat seems logical (both ships go into an alternate dimension where they both hold still while you try to board or sink each other is not it).

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