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Dog Duos taking place October 29th - 2v2s with top level players

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Hi! We're Dog Gamers, a brand new tournament hosting organisation, and we're excited to announce our first tournament taking place later this month. It's an intense invite-only 2v2 contest with some of GW2's best PvPers, streamed over at twitch.tv/fefelafeee on October 29th at 4pm CET/3pm GMT. They'll be competing for the following prizes:
1st place: 1 Bolt & 1 Bifrost
2nd place: 1 Aurene precursor each (of the player's choice!)
3rd place: 50 mystic coins each
(We're open to prizepool donations if you'd like to raise the stakes even higher! Mail them to hollow.8391, be sure to include the name you want to be credited under so we can show our appreciation <3)
You can join our discord to be the first to hear more news as we release it. In the meantime, here's a little teaser to get you hyped. Big thanks to competitors Aieone, Kil and Esprit for helping with filming! 
Hope to see you there,
Fefe and Hollow

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