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Soulbeast Pet Skills Revamp Suggestion - Replace family skill with species skill


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Look, I know the meta pick will still probably be red moa for pve, but this is more for style and flavour to make the pets feel a little less copy+pasted in their families.

Currently, if you take a look through a family of pets - for example the moas - you can see their base skills and the skills you get when merged. For each moa, the base skills are:
- A unique screech (furious for red, protecting for blue etc )
- Peck
- Harmonic Cry
- Frenzy attack

And then, if you check the merged skills:
- Harmonic Cry
- Frenzy Attack
- SB Attack based on pet main stat, ie worldy impact etc.

The only difference between merging with different pets in the same family is the stats, and I just think it'd make more sense to get the ability tied to that pet vs one tied to the family.
Would it be too much to ask that harmoic cry be replaced with the Moa Colour Specific screech that even actually aligns well with their Stat type? The unique ability for the bears would be way more interesting than just the Bite. Merging with a polar bear to get it's chilling roar vs a murello to get it's stink cloud etc. And the drakes! I'm sorry, but you're telling me I merge with a river drake and don't get to spit lightning? 

I'd say the pets that aren't in families, like smokescale and Iboga are in a good spot and were done pretty well as unique outliers themselves, but even for like the wyeverns and phoenix let the soubeast breathe fire and fire ma lazar the midir beam blast the gale breath

This is just something that's irked me about SB since PoF and although it's really mostly extra polish and flavour I would love to see it

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A pointless change, that takes a lot of time to do and will make ppl really mad, cause harmonic cry is one of the reasons ppl use moa merge. (same goes for a lot of different pet skills)
It's a "no" from me.

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Actually people use moa - specifically red - because it's ferocious and has frenzy strike which synergizes with relic of fireworks, useful for proccing One Wolf Pack during bursts, and overall does pretty solid damage compared to kitten like chomp or tail slap. Trust me, I'm not picking a moa for the 1k hp heal on a 10+sec CD, its for the slaps. The literall only reason nobody uses smokescale in PVE is the forced movement and general bugginess of smokescale assault.

As for "Takes a lot of time to do" - the attacks are already in the game, and animations  can all be re-used from other attacks or professions. Hell, literally they can use the same animation for ferocious screech as harmonic cry or a warhorn skill. As someone with dev exp unless there's some massive spagcode in the backend, an intern can get it done in under a week.

Lastly, the point is to make the pets more compelling and for reasons to take pets other than moa, rock gazel, jackaranda, or iboga. It adds style, panache, and an overall sense of polish that I think would drastically improve the pet system and add a reason for the average ranger to go out and "catch em all"

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