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Customization Ideas (Home Instances, Professions, and Legendary Weapon Skins)

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First off, I would LOVE to see Home Instances have more customization, alongside a second version you can go to that is either in an expansion map, or Living World map (IE. a Grothmar Valley home instance or a Rata Novus one), to elaborate on the customization side of this, here is what I would like to see:

  • Placement of nodes and Personal Story characters being able to be changed
  • Choice-based decorations (like replacing the Blood and Ash legion things with Iron Legion ones, and vice versa, or having the Diessa Chalice be placed on a pedestal)
  • Change the kind of NPC in the instance and being able to change them to different versions based on your preference
  • The ability to have your toons roam in the instance, talking to them would let you change them without needing to log off (maaaaybe this would be QoL)

Second, Professions, everyone would LOVE to customize their profession effects, and here are some ideas I and some other people have

  • Changing VFX color (IE. Foefire blue Elementalist fire, or red mist-smoke for Revenants)
  • Changing the theme of your profession skills (replacing butterflies for Mesmers, or changing the Jade Mech)
  • Profession Weapon Skins (Gunsaber, Reaper's Shroud Scythe, Photon Forge Weapons)

Now, for the one I would LOVE to see; Legendary Weapon Skins

Yes, this seems like a stupid idea, but the Aurene Weapons had the Elder Dragon variants just fine, so why can't the other legendaries have their own variants? Here are my ideas:

  • Exspiravit (Revenant-themed Exordium skin)
  • Vlast's Voltage (basically with Vlast instead of a random dragon no one heard of, and is a Khopesh)
  • Flames of the Forge (a Forged version of the Flames of War
  • The Giver (for the Juggernaut, basically replacing Atlas with Prometheus, and the hammer being themed off of molten iron
  • Adelbern's Gavel (For Sharur, making the Orrian Theme replaced with an Ascalonian one)
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The first group sounds like a cheap version of player housing. I would prefer player housing.

The second would be interesting.

The third, better to add more legendaries, the Aurene case was obvious, lore based and not many changes in the models.

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If people could arrange their home nodes, they would be packed together just inside the entrance, so I can't see Anet desiring that. They might as well sell a "node farmer skritt" in the gem store to do the gathering so they'd get something out of the deal.

The second set, I imagine won't work because PvP is a thing as well, so Anet wants recognizable attacks.

Last set, eh, preferences. Doesn't hurt to request what you prefer.

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I would like it if profession customization only works in PVE

the Skritt idea sounds like a better idea than mine, and I like that, alongside player housing, home instances are really boring and having my own instance that isn't in the same place as everyone else's sounds amazing

the "Legendary Variants" idea is mostly because of the Aurene variants, but I doubt ANet would add a "Generation 4" series of Legendaries that are based on previous legendaries with a different theme

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