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The King and Queen's Horrorween 2023 - Official Art Contest

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The King and Queen's Horrorween 2023 - Official Art Contest (Closed)

(The deadline for the art contest has passed. Winners will be announced soon.)

For this 18th Horrorween event, of course there shall be another grand Halloween art contest. To enter, post a Halloween art piece that you created in this thread, and include at least one of the event's hosts in your art piece. The deadline will be the day after the Horrorween 2023 event. So make sure you submit your entry on time! The top 3 winners will earn spectacular prizes, to be revealed as the event draws closer, and we'll have smaller prizes for the runners up.

(Note: By taking part in this contest you are granting us permission to use your artwork for future non-commercial promotion of the Horrorween. We like showing off the amazing art of our events.)

This year's theme is knights and ancient tales of yore. So let that inspire your wonderful creations and we will award extra points for being on theme.


1st place: ArenaNet Gem Code, Courage, Power Ghostly Infusion and 125 Globs of Ectoplasm.

2nd place: ArenaNet Gem Code, Ambrosia, Power Ghostly Infusion and 100 Globs of Ectoplasm.

3rd place: ArenaNet Community Chest, Power Ghostly Infusion and 75 Globs of Ectoplasm.


Additional prizes may be added to the pot, and there are also surprise prizes for some of the runners up!

Reference images

Mad Queen Malafide:







Daniel Frozenwind:






For more general information about the event, check out the GW2 wiki page for the Horrorween, or check out the Official Event Thread.

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55 minutes ago, Remus Darkblight.1673 said:

I think you're on track to win first, second and third prize 🤭

I wouldn't be so sure, our artists like to leave it to the very last second to submit their entries! 😛 

16 hours ago, SpookyScape.9435 said:

Hello, hope this entry is on-theme enough ^-^
Hope y'all have a great spooky month!


Haha, that's brilliant! I love how you've made a helmet for the Carrot! 

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44 minutes ago, Axelot.4610 said:

My entry! I hope this isn't too late. I also wish I had more time 😫

@Axelot.4610 You have until tomorrow to complete the picture if you so wish, that is the deadline, looking amazing so far! 

13 hours ago, Dragonborn.9038 said:

Hello, I hope you guys like it 🙂

Happy Halloween


Oh that's so creepy! Nice! 

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The Official Art Contest Winners:

1st Place: Axelot.4610
2nd Place: Dragonborn.9038
3rd place: SpookyScape.9435

Congratulations to the winners for their varied and marvellous submissions, judging was difficult! 

Everyone who didn't place will also receive a special selection of gifts as a thank you for participating. 

Until next time, have a Happy Horrorween! 

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