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Shatter Chronomancer


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What would be needed to make a Shatter focused Chronomancer viable without necessarily the Phantasm spam that currently dominates the spec?

The last couple of days I've been trying to take advantage of the Time Catches Up giving 10% on shatters which is easy to trigger because the Wells give Cripple and Chilled in AOE.

So with the damage boost from Chronomancer, and buffs in the Illusions, Domination, and Chaos trait lines how much is needed to boost Shatters for them to be viable to base a build around?

I'd like to see what it would take to make Scepter a viable weapon. Where it is the fastest clone generation weapon.

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I'm wondering if people's dislike of Scepter is because it's considered a Condi weapon but the builds don't work well focusing on the conditions.

It's been working well for the last two days on my Power Chronomancer.


It seems to be doing better for me than Dagger and Sword have been and I didn't change my Power gear when equipping my Scepter.


The Scepter 3 does a lot of Strike damage even though it's over a long channel.

The Auto Attack seems to do equivalent damage to the Dagger but also generates clones.


Keeping the Power gear helps out for the F1 Shatter and Wells.

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