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Fix rewards chests in Soto and HoT so they are rightclickable

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Thread #123561345435 to remind that one intern at anet who is forced to log in to the forums once a week to tell his masters that having to move my mouse to the center of the screen and click another button is making me borderline suicidal. How come it works everywhere else but not in the mentioned expansions? It's beyond annoying. Unfortunately in Hot it's the main chests so they have to stay but in Soto i would rather not get the loot from the silver chests at all rather than having to work towards carpal tunnel syndrome opening them. Just remove them at this point, nobody cares about 10 blue unids.

The worst thing is that you have to wait for the half-hour animation to finish before you can click it away.

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I've tolerated this stuff for long enough. SoO just made it so bad it finally drove me to comment in the forums: Anet, you added 'right click to collect without opening a dialogue box' a very long time ago. Why, then, do you refuse to let us do so? I loathe the rewards in Amnytas that make me interrupt the game to open the boxes. Fifteen. *Bleep*ing. Times. Not being able to tell the game, "Yes, I know I just earned a Mastery Point. I don't need the 300th Mastery point I earned to also tell me what a Mastery point is." I've tolerated the meta progression chests not letting me skip them because at least there weren't many of them, though I have avoided metas despite their rewards because I just didn't have the social energy to deal with that mess.

Stop it. Let us skip the pop-ups. You gave it to us before, let us have it again. If nothing else, let me hit Esc to close the pop-up rather than requiring me to click in the corner, wait 5 seconds, click in the middle, wait two seconds, repeat. Ad nauseum. 

Also, while I'm at it, let me disable help messages I've already received or make them not show up so often. Every time Chul-moo tells me, again, that I need a Terrapin to pick up the energy is another day I'm not going to be able to bring myself back to something that aggravating.

I love this game, in general. I've stuck with it far longer than any other MMO I've ever played.  I've bought every expansion, have been playing since the first Christmas, and I wouldn't keep doing that if other parts of the game weren't good, but this *bleep*? It's got to go.

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