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Anniversary party of our griffon community[Wing] The Griffon academy

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Hey hey everyone! 

Its party time as its the second anniversary of [Wing] and everyone is invited to join in! 

Tho the griffon community as a whole is a little older, 2 years ago i did decide to start our school of griffons which has grown so much since its start ❤️

EU servers: 4th of October 19:00 Cet
NA servers: 4th of October 22:00 Cet


  • Griffon Walk, starting in Queensdale
  • Griffon games like tag/infection
  • Griffon Race
  • Giveaways

How to join? 

EU: /Sqjoin Thy Weeping Willow

Na: /Sqjoin Thy Weéping Willów


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little explains about one of the griffon games: 


The 'hunter' paints their griffon Red, While the ones being chased will dye their griffons White. If the hunter tags someone (we use the ingame target system + action cam for this) the person who did get tagged will go back to the start, dye their griffons red and start hunting other people untill no one is left.

Some rules: 

  1. Do not hide in a cave, you have to be flying at all times. You may fly into a cave and do circles there if its possible, but flying is a must
  2. People on white griffons arent allowed to use Wp's. So if you crash, you have to find a place to start flying again asap. You may use a springer or skyscale to get the height needed
  3. If a hunter crashes, they have to take the first Wp and start flying from the start spot again. they arent allowed to tag while grounded
  4. Hunters are allowed to tag people on white griffons who did crash, aslong as the hunter theirself didnt crash. 
  5. Do not use bugs or mapbreaks, you have to be within the mapborders.
  6. We use ready check to see who is tagged or not. If you are tagged, you are 'ready'. If youre not yet tagged, youre 'not ready'
  7. If leylines are in the map, you are allowed to use them on your mount
  8. make sure to actually fly away when the hunter is counting down and do not chill there. you dont want to make it too easy for the hunters 😛 
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