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[NA] An invitation to players transitioning into endgame (raids, CMs, etc)


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Hi there! I've a bit of a strange invitation for players in a similar boat as me. Personally, I've found it rather difficult to find a group that I really clicked with as a player making the transition into endgame. Here's my experience:

- Groups are either intimidatingly hardcore, or too casual for my personal preference; I want to optimize my gameplay in challenging content like fractal CMs and hit benchmark DPS numbers, without being exclusionary to players who aren't quite there yet
- Pugging is perfectly fine for getting your dailies done, but the experience is so impersonal that it feels more like a chore than anything
- Everyone seems to be 10-year GW2 veterans who know each other already (not to rag on experienced players, but I think there's a lot of enjoyment to be had in improving and progressing with friends at a similar level as you)

If any of this sounds familiar, drop a message and let's run some stuff sometime! I've hosted training runs for raids, strikes, and fractal CMs before and found them incredibly rewarding. I'll be happy to help others make the transition into more difficult content, and make some friends while at it!


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Hey. Our guild is focused on doing endgame content with new players in mind. Myself, or one of the other commanders, take strangers and guildmates on random raid, strikes, fractals nightly.

You can PM me in game as well and we'll happily bring you along. We really try to recruit other commanders who can take the reigns on content they like doing. Talk to you soon. Tdub.7628

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