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Months old bug - Encounters reset with players still alive in the instance

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Cause: player disconnession (crash/disconnection/leaving the instance/changing character) during an encounter causes the players-alive counter to break. If a squad of 10 people has a person leaving the instance for any reason and the encounter is restarted, the next attempts will have a 9 dead-players threshold to indicate wether to reset the encounter or not.
Related issue to this: if 9 people are dead and the last one alive leaves the instance, the map soft locks and it won't allow any player to respawn until that person rejoins the map or another person leaves. This obviously will cause the issue above.

Video clips: 


Instance soft lock example (2021, unfixed for over 2 years):

The issue of the map soft locking has existed for years, the encounters resetting is another gem on top of it that started happening a few months ago.

I've seen Harvest Temple Challenge Mode RESET when soo won was at < 1% health, I've seen Adina reset and many others.

Bonus note: this bug i've described has appeared after you've fixed this one https://www.twitch.tv/mela/clip/AgitatedPlumpGrassStoneLightning-G24ZwQoEKddC-Wk6 the issue is just shifted around and you never got to the source of the problem.

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I've seen this bug many times in HT CM and once in Temple of Febe yesterday.

Edit: I also encountered this bug in W3 escort. No idea if it's related, but you can attempt to res dead players in some raids and strikes too while everyone's still in combat. They won't actually get up though. I think this is new.

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I've had this happen a few weeks ago, when 7 players counted permanently as dead, and the game would wipe us as soon as the third player died:

This bug is a huge issue, especially to groups that do not clear everything on the first try and often have close calls. Nothing more frustrating than being in that 1% at Slothasor, last player standing and the boss just goes away.

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A quick upload to youtube displaying 4 accounts, triggering the bug at different numbers of players alive.

A quick text description of what is happening as well: It appears that encounters in Guild Wars 2 don't check how many people are alive before they end an encounter. Instead, they are counting "how many people are dead", and if that number is equal or greater to the size of the squad, the encounter will end, and reset. The issue arises when a player dies (or GGs) during an active encounter, and then leaves the instance (or swaps characters) while the encounter is still active. When that happens, it "double counts" that player as dead. Moving forward, for any subsequent pull, you will have one "death" counted for each player that was dead and left the instance (or swapped characters).


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4 hours ago, Vinayak.1375 said:

Also there is an Issue with Murssat Overseer Protect bug which is not respawning. To respawn again we have to forcibly have to reset instance. 

This is unrelated, it happens for all 3 and for soulless horror runes, they don't respawn if the player having them leaves the instance 

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