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Hey can you fix your servers


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On 10/8/2023 at 4:06 AM, vrauns.3215 said:

Same issues here and it's not just me, @Rubi Bayer.8493 whenever you get the chance, maybe you can have someone look into the wvw server issues or alert the right people.

Exitlag was informing me that it has lost connection to the AWS servers, multiple times.  That means Anet servers via AWS (Amazon) were not working correctly. 

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On 10/6/2023 at 9:20 AM, Chaba.5410 said:

Here's a small clip from back in July of the entire squad micro-teleporting to help illustrate.  Everyone in the squad saw the same micro-teleporting on their screens.  This was caused by the game server choking on the infamous "blob guild activates rise reaper" lag switch that two blobs near the tower were using.  The server struggled to keep up with sending other player location data to my client even though my network connection was steady.  When my client did finally receive data from the server, it corrected my client's understanding of everyone's location from what the client-side physics simulation code was predicting and rendering.  This looks like other players rubber-banding.

What you also may notice is that my own character does not rubber-band during this situation like in some other games.  My character certainly rubber-banded on the screens of my squadmates.  The server trusts the client on it's own position reporting in most situations - an example of when it doesn't is when you try to run through a keep portal and it sometimes takes a few seconds to render or the infamous server-side glider deployment that caused so many headaches for players with network latency (is that still a thing?).  The reason for this design is it's one way a game handles network latency issues for players on slower network connections.  The alternative is you always rubber-band, like in Diablo 4 (iirc New World does it too), and that can get extremely frustrating fast.

Third-party teleport hacks only work because they take advantage of this trust unfortunately which is why players get confused as to whether it's lag or a hack.  So we play with some trade-offs with this design.  If only Anet were better about handling "botting" reports.

But really, we're all hacking! /sarcasm

The opportune moments that players will see these effects without it being hacking are:
1) When the game server is overwhelmed
2) Client->Server network hiccups
3) Server->Client network hiccups


Sometimes I lag so bad that I can wander the whole map for minutes and nothing is happening. I have to ask people on Discord where I am so I can resync with where the server thinks I am. Like I think it just gave up on trying to find me. When it does resync I see like things get fast forwarded at 100x.

Occasionally it happens in pve where the server is like kitten it and drops me, then it  puts me at the entrance of the zone.

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23 hours ago, Kal Durak.2830 said:

Exitlag was informing me that it has lost connection to the AWS servers, multiple times.  That means Anet servers via AWS (Amazon) were not working correctly. 

At least some of the time I think the problem is ISP routing rather than specifically Anet's GW2 servers. I've had a couple of instances which were bad enough that I could see dropped packets to various Amazon websites (including amazon.com) indicating that it was routing to AWS in general rather than specifically GW2's AWS servers, and friends of mine who live in the same city but on different ISPs (I am on One/Vodafone) were fine.

One thing to try is using a VPN and then running GW2. If connecting via VPN solves the lag problems (which it almost always does for me as an NZ player) then it's entirely down to routing rather than the GW2 servers running slowly.

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