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Willbender or Dragonhunter for pistol/pistol?


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Intuitively, DH is probably better suited for ranged, but that might fall down if pistols turn out to be condi-based as some people are hoping for (DH isn't very good for conditions). Furthermore, the main thing that would push a WB into melee is Rushing Justice (the F1), and with a willbender you might be able to use Flash Combo or Roiling Light to use that into a "get in, deliver the flames, get out" combo. So I'd probably consider WB the safer bet overall, if you already have FB.

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(Pistol Power vs Pistol Condi)
If mainhand Pistol has a shadowstep then it will either replace mainhand sword, or complement it as an excellent utility weaponset that's better than Scepter/X. Perhaps not better than Scepter#2 power damage and definitely not better than GS damage.

The most likely scenario though is Pistol/Pistol being a ranged condi version of Sword/Sword with a Power coefficient being 3/4 that of Sword/Sword, with condi making up a 1/4 of damage. Maybe a high condi coefficient (hopefully for them condi guards taking side-nodes).

[in Rank queue]
I'm not 100% convinced that Condi Guard will be a thing compared to power Pistol/Pistol but fingers crossed that we'll get a new side-node condi/power variant that can actually 1v1 things. Similar to side-node condi P/P Thief except not as efficient because DH no longer has stealth/superspeed lol.... There's so many reason why Condi Guard Pistol/Pistol can be Dead on Arrival in PvP.

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