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I still don't like wb for alac. Make DH give it instead.


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I'm pretty sure I said this already but I think it's worth repeating: I think dragonhunter should be the guardian spec that gives alac and not willbender. Here are my top 6 reasons why this is a good idea:

1. Thematically, WB is portrayed as a selfish guardian elite. While DH isn't much of a support either, it least fits the theme better than WB does.

2. WB is higher dps than DH in both power and condi. You could buff power damage on DH and nerf it on WB, but you'd only be dropping the people who play alac wb to 0 as the high dps is the only reason you might consider an alac WB. So if WB is higher dps, why would you choose to take DH if you need to bring dps to a group?

3. Giving DH alac means WB will no longer have to suffer the pain of ever using f2 for anything other than dodging mechanics in pve. Anyone who's played alac wb can attest that using f2 for alac is clunky and inneficient. Giving DH alac skips the trouble of having to rework f2 on WB.

4. No more having to take two unrelated trait lines for arbitrary reasons to give alac.

5. It will give DH mains something to do while they wait for lb5 and lb2 to finish casting.

6. It will free up one of my build/equipment templates. 

I realize that anet would probably still have to give DH more boon access to make sure it competes with other alac providers. But I feel it's easier, design wise, for anet to give DH more access to party wide fury and might than it would be for WB.

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Not really. DH sounds much more solo than Willbender

Even their description reflect this. One talk about plural willbenderS, the other mention a single dragon hunter.

From the wiki


Willbenders are protectors of the Canthan throne and fated guardians to the Weh no Su.


The dragon hunter is a ranged, methodical hunter

It's okay to call alac WB clunky or badly designed and ask for a change, but DH should be the pure DPS elite.

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