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OW Build with some sustain

Fade to Shadow.4579

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   In my opinion if you want to run a core Warrior build berserker isn't the best gear choivce for HoT, since not only you'll have low base armor but also those foes from Maguma Herat maps have high armor values, which means they mitigate a lot of damage. I known that you said "staying in berserker gear", but I would instead get carrion set (very cheap to buy or craft, or you can get if for ~10 gold coins and some WvW tokens) and  run something like this:


   The gameplay is very simple: you cc foes with your hammer skills and physical abilities, and you burn them to ahes with the long bow. You have tons of stability procs, they last a lot, so you can't be interrumpted, and most of your targets will die without doing anything. For solo HP and champions, is mostly about learning the mechanics, specially which things you should avoid and which you can tank.

   Once you start to unlock the specializations, there will be better power builds to run. The best OW power build with sustain for a Warrior is probably Bladesworn with the Immortal Dragon trait, but is tricky to use because most of your damage is loaded in your Dragon attacks, so you stack your damage in single big hits, and if you get interrupted or the foe evades or enters in a phase if you can damage it (as happens with harpies, griffons, etc.) you can lose a lot of damage and self healing. This means that you need to known when to charge your hits, use ageis or the teleport to avoid those misses.


   You can also try Spellbreaker with the Defense traitline: 



   The thing is that the celestial builds with both Berserker and Spellbreaker are tankier and easier to use than the power builds. The power builds are faster at dealing with regular mobs, tho. Hero Points aren't a problem, but soloing some bounties and legendary bounties in berserker gear is a bit more tricky. Greetings.

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