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Vanilla charr models and textures are long overdue for an update.

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Call it nitpicking, but as I was looking at charr cultural armor I came across T1 light leggings (Invoker's) and found a few things wrong with it. Mainly the legs having a mesh issue with the idle animation when on an incline. But then I noticed that my small charr was separated at the waist and the Invoker's Leggings hovered away from the rest of the mesh underneath, kind of reminiscent of the problem small charr have with oversized shoulders. I didn't stop there because now I wanted a closer look at the models. So I went to an Aesthetician NPC to check the base model and then compared it to other models. Now I don't have the ability to check but charr are blocky compared to other races. It might just be proportions but their body structure almost seems robotic in some areas. I've also noticed some minor seam inconsistencies in the textures. The normals are also pretty flat, which is what allowed me to see the polygons in the first place.

Now compare this to the Hologram Outfit, that charr model is smooth and the animations are solid. You can place both in the preview box and spin them around to see the differences in each model. Maybe anet could use the hologram outfit mesh as a base should they ever decide to update charr models. They are a well designed beast race, better than other MMOs imho. But they could use some updating.

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