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Relic of Durability and Flock do not work

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Relic of Durability and Flock do not work:


Relic of Durability

Gain protection and regeneration after using a healing skill. (Cooldown: 15 seconds)



Relic of the Flock

Grant barrier to yourself and nearby allies after you use a healing skill. (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)

— In-game description

— In-game description


1,  On my firebrand it works when I cast #6 Heal

2. Does not work with Staff #2

Does not work with F2 Tome of resolve

-- F2 Does not work with any healing skills

Does not work with Mantra of lore

Does not work with Mace #2


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  • Kal Durak.2830 changed the title to Relic of Durability and Flock do not work
23 hours ago, MercurialKuroSludge.8974 said:

It does work as intended, but they worded oddly.
It shouldn't say, "a healing skill", it should be "your healing skill", making it abundantly clear that these Relics only proc upon using skill 6.

Roger that, so you Spend gold to buy them, even after you wiki the item and the description is wrong, but Anet made money from their inability to write the English language.  Got it. 

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