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Visual Bug/Mistwalker infusion + Bestial Tides Tatoo Armor

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Hello dear ArenaNet Team,

This visual glitch might be one of the most disturbing I have ever seen in this game! When you combine any Bestial Tides Tatoo Armor piece with the Mistwalker Infusion such as here, on the following image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15vqD2BD2jgM1S2EMWB_qGNvO4nrD4ppy/view?usp=sharing  (just a link to the image, no malware), I literaly get MY FACE PRINTED ON MY NECK! 😨Similarly, with a Bestial Tides Tatoo Leg Armor, instead of showing tatoos on your legs, other parts of your gear get "coppied" onto them, creating this weird-looking amalgamation of bit and pieces.  Please, let your design/coding team know about this as I did not expect Guild Wars 2 to be a horror-like game :)

Thanks in advance from a big fan of yours.

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