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Raptor mount missing

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Hello, sorry if i missed something but i'm new to the game.
I started playing GW with my GF a few months back, we decided to buy the first 2 expansions. I somehow unlocked the raptor mount, but she still does not. I don't know if we have to do something in particular.
I've read on other posts that devs allowed players that bought the expansion to unlock the mount after lvl 10, and if you were over it after the purchase you would unlock it every 10 lvls. This is not the case, recently she achieved level 30 and the mount is still missing, somebody has an answer?
Thanks for the help!

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6 minutes ago, NexoLexo.4692 said:

you would unlock it every 10 lvls

That's some misunderstanding.  On characters that were above level 10 already when the trial was implemented, then they would unlock on level 20 or whatever 10 levels above from what they were at.  It's not every 10 levels on the same character.

You permanently unlock raptor either through PoF (a story mission), EoD, or SotO.  You need PoF to train any further raptor masteries.

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if she owns heart of thorns, path of fire or end of dragons and has a character above level 10 the mount is already unlocked. if she is still unable to summon it from the mount menu despite this (its not an item, but a button near the utility skills), then she needs to contact support.


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8 minutes ago, NexoLexo.4692 said:

Thanks for the replies, she got the 10h trial before we purchased the expansion. The trial ended and after we bought them but the mount unlocked on the utility skill slot only for me. I guess i'll contact support

She could try making a new character and getting it quickly to level ten and then the mount unlocks permanently maybe.

Another option is to find a level 80 character who she can party with to go through the PoF story that unlocks raptor.

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