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Game breaking attack speed bug

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My attack and cast speed randomly slows down in the middle of combat as if I have the "slow" debuff despite not having it. It's the exact same effect as "slow". Nothing else slows down, only my attack and cast speed. Everything else operates at normal speed including move speed, instant cast abilities, enemy attacks, etc. It never happens outside of combat nor does it happen against target dummies. When it happens, I can cast fear to return to normal cast speed. This does not work on CC-immune enemies. It seems that the slow down occurs when enemies are actively targeting me but when I fear them and lose their targeting, it stops. Which also makes sense that I don't have the slow down at the start of combat, only after a second or so after entering combat. As soon as I take damage the slowdown begins. I've tried changing all my gear, traits, runes and sigils and nothing seems to be causing it that I have any control over. No particular buff is causing it. And I'm not getting the "slow" debuff at any point. It is happening in every zone, even level 1 zones against enemies who do not have any kind of slow debuff to cast in the first place.. Also occurs on all characters on the account.

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5 hours ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

I've never heard of or experienced this. Try turning the graphics settings way down?

I tried messing with graphics and other settings but nothing helps. also it happens even when I am alone in an instance or in a meta with 50 people. anyways if it was just hardware issue or something then I would see the slowdown on other things besides just my attack/cast speed. and it REALLY slows down to like 20% of normal attack speed like super slo-mo attacking. the only thing that seems to reset my attack speed is to use fear and it magically goes back to normal for a little bit before slowing down again.

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15 hours ago, Chaba.5410 said:

Can you make a video of this?

It sounds like some sort of client rendering with time dilation issue.  Are you sure you're not having any lost network packet issues?

I can't make a good video without it being choppy. but I figured it out. I played for so long with the trait that gives perma quickness in reaper shroud and I changed it recently, not realizing that I would be playing the game with normal attack speed without that trait. When I tested on my other characters and noticed how slow they all are too, I thought it was an account wide bug but in reality the other characters just don't have perma quickness either. thought I was going insane. using fear in this build gives quickness which is why that fixed it temporarily. I just never bothered to re-read the traits I haven't been using recently so I didn't put 2 and 2 together.

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not sure why some are confused. will try to make it simpler: perma quickness is so broken that I though my account was bugged when I had to play without it
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